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The Ziggo Hotspots pilot - the next step toward an even bigger living room


In the course of the second half of 2012, Ziggo performed a successful trial in the city of Groningen in which the company investigated the extent to which Ziggo's WiFi modem/routers could be employed to create as many WiFi hotspots as possible.

Besides the technical considerations, Ziggo has also documented the customer experience. Ziggo customers want services that they can use on the device that suits them best, at the time that suits them best wherever they might happen to be. In addition, customers want to be able to share what they are experiencing at any time. Making WiFi available in as many places as possible can help meet this need.

Chinese wall between customer networks and hotspots

Using private WiFi routers to create public hotspots is not exactly a new concept and the FON network, for instance, is a good example. However, these hotspots have several important disadvantages, which is why, as a provider, Ziggo has decided to develop this hotspot service using its own network infrastructure without the involvement of a third party. This should make the Ziggo Hotspots more secure, easier to use and of a better quality than "normal" hotspots. To render them suitable for service as a hotspot modem and WiFi router, Ziggo has adapted its equipment and software to meet the following requirements:

  • Each hotspot must be entirely compartmentalised away from the customer network to guarantee security and privacy to the fullest extent.
  • Guest users roaming on the WiFi network must not impair customers' Internet experience at all;
  • The hotspot must have sufficient range to allow guest users proper freedom of movement
  • No more than 20 guest users should be allowed to be on the hotspot at any one time
  • There must be a single login that will automatically grant access to all Ziggo Hotspots

By and for Ziggo customers

Customers wishing to enjoy the benefits of Ziggo Hotspots will be required to consent to their modem/router being used as a Ziggo Hotspot and only those customers who indicate this consent will be given access to other Ziggo Hotspots. The advantages to customers are many:

  • if poor reception prevents you from having wireless Internet throughout your home, you can use your neighbour's hotspot and still access the Internet;
  • sometimes it's not possible to access your private WiFi connection from the street outside your home or from your garden, making others' hotspots a welcome addition;
  • there's always a Ziggo Hotspot available when you're visiting your neighbours and you can stay online without having to depend on the people you're visiting;
  • there are often Ziggo Hotspots available when you're out at restaurants, cafés, shopping centres, community centres and schools.

Diagram of the Hotspots


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